A Desert SW Landscape in Minnesota. It can be done!

I often get asked to create Desert SW landscapes.  Minnesotan snowbirds must really have an affinity for the look.  I sense they want their yard looking like that of what they have found to be in their winter haunts.  Given our plant and stone choices here in Minnesota it is quite easy to recreate this look.  Seek the choices below to fulfill the desire for your own desert oasis.

Options for a Desert Feeling….

Succulents such as Hens and Chicks or sedum are commonly found in Minnesota.  Mixed with gravel mulch will really give a desert feeling.


Gravel mulch is abundant in Minnesota.  It goes hand-in-hand with dry weather plants to give an arid look.

Yucca is short and pointy like Aloe and Agave.  This feature gives texture; something that desert landscapes require to exude the look that is being sought.


Rattlesnake master is a native to Minnesota.  It resembles a Yucca but has a flower that looks nothing like a Yucca.


Prickly Pear Cactus is gaining in popularity as the climate warms in this state.  Try it in urban areas such as in Minneapolis and St. Paul.