I always take notes each day jotting down the weather, where we worked or if anything super-interesting happened.  Last year on April 15th I wrote:  45 extra days of spring.  I did not wear a coat to landscape consultation meetings until May (and then the weather turned wet and cold for the rest of the year).

One year ago today the grass was green, the leaves were popping, birds were migrating north and most importantly snow was in the rear-view mirror.

My weekly blog was supposed to start this past Sunday informing Minnesotans what they can be doing in their landscape, what naturally occurring events I am seeing from the stand-point of a naturalist, and any new gadgets that might help save some time or money in the yard.  The frustrating part is that there are no signs of spring (other than the Red-Twig Dogwood having a bright red glow (but this happens in Feb anyways)).  I will wait patiently and when the Forsythia (yellow) and Star Magnolias (White)  shine on us with their first-of-the-year flowers I will be the guy informing you of what that was.

Stay Tuned……