Avoiding the Dreaded April Ice Jams in the Yard

Anyone who owns a house in Minnesota knows that the Spring freeze/thaw cycle brings about freezing ice in and around the yard.  This is not completely avoidable, but there are a certain number of things that can be done to correct the backing up of water and it’s resulting ice jam.  Below are helpful ideas during this period that will eliminate problems until the coming warm weather puts a halt to the cycle.

Mitigation of water and freezing Ice in late winter.

Gutter Heater Cables add constant electricity to an area to inhibit the freezing of water.  Lay these cords in low spots where backup occurs.


Draintile is underground tubing that is used to keep water flower.  Since it is warmer underground they usually stay free from ice.  If problems occur with freezing, then use one of the above-mentioned cables inside the draintile to really heat things up!


Home Depot or Menards Gutter Extenders are a great way to facilitate water movement away from the house.  if you just need 5-10 feet of relief this is the ticket.


Proper grading through landscaping the year before can be the perfect solution.  Get the grade right and all the water under the snow will keep flowing as long as there is a positive grade.