Any good landscaper/gardener knows that good tools last as well as get the job done quicker. Check out this list on my personal favorites:

  • Stihl Leaf Blowers – Forget the Home Depot brand…..head straight for a Stihl dealer and get the best in the business. Their other products can’t be messed with either!
  • Felco PrunersSwiss made and worth every penny. This is the only tool I know of that people bring in the house at night. That is how loved they are!
  • Bahco Loppers – A must for cutting back the lilacs!
  • ARS Hedge Shears – Perfect for trimming the Boxwood. Very Sharp….watch it!
  • Wolverine Edging Shovel – High Grade steel makes this beast rugged and heavy so it drives into the ground creating natural edging lines that dwarf the competition.
  • Standard Steel Dolly (The old-school ones at garage sales are more rigid and durable) – When my back is sore and I don’t want to man-handle that 20 gallon tree around the yard I grab a dolly and roll things around. This works great for smaller boulders as well.
  • Leaf rake – If anybody can help me on this one that would be great. I once had a telescoping metal leaf rake that I bought at a MNLA trade show. If anybody knows of what I am talking about and where to get this handy rake please let me know.