rubyred-hand-medThere are a plethora of mulches available for our landscape beds and you may ask “what is the best for me?” when having a landscape project completed. It is really simple when broken down. Check this out:

1) Hardwood Mulches – This is the most affordable choice. Made of shredded deciduous wood fiber it is great for holding on a hill or smothering weeds.

2) Colored Mulches – There is Red, Orange, Walnut, Black, Pink (just kidding) for you to choose from. These are the same hardwood mulches as above, but you will pay a bit more to get the enhanced look.

3) Pine Bark Mulches – Our state tree is the Red Pine. Since this mulch is made from Red Pine should it be our state mulch? Keep in mind that the color is far from Red; in fact the color is a nice dark brown. Acidic in nature this mulch is and that will help balance our high pH soils as it decays.

cedar_mulch4) Cedar Mulches – Straight from the edge of the BWCA is where this mulch originates. It smells great, holds in water, keeps out weeds. The color is lighter than the Pine, but this can be advantageous since it allows the darker colored shrubs and perennials to pop!

5) Cypress Mulches – Smells wonderful and does all that the Cedar does. The only problem is that it is trucked here from afar so it is higher in cost. For you all that are seeking to reduce your carbon footprint steer clear of this one.

The Mulch Store is found throughout the metro. They have every one of the above listed mulches. If you are able to spread the mulch yourself give them a call for a delivery. If your life is hectic and need help give Beds & Borders a call. 612.396.2014