What to Expect

“From the first moment you decide to make the big step in your new landscape by calling us, to the time you get your design, the following information details out how the process flows at Beds & Borders Landscape Design, Inc.”  ~Andy Freeland – Owner/President

  • Break Ground.
  • Build Hardscape.
  • Install Softscape.
  • Final Walk-Through.
  • Punch-List/Warranty

The installation process begins after the design is finalized. Many clients strive to finalize the design work over the winter, if not the preceding fall, in order to beat the spring rush. As soon as it warms up enough to melt the underground frost, we begin implementing the plans according to the previously decided job calendar. Our typical job takes about a week to two, depending on the complexity. With two reasonable-sized crews we can complete a lot of work in a short amount of time. We keep our quality high by keeping our crew size manageable, and we always give personal service with high-quality work.

The lead designer will oversee the entire project.
Their primary responsibility is to be on site at the beginning and end of each phase of the project. We work closely with all of our clients throughout the entire process, and it is our ultimate goal to ensure that no detail is overlooked. Our foreman and crew are personable, approachable, and will answer any questions that you might have as work proceeds. Every member of the crew is well trained to run all of our machines and equipment so there will be no damage to your property or your neighbor’s property.

When the job is complete, the crew will clean up the site to make sure it is cleaner than when we arrived. The designer will then take a final walk-through with you to discuss how to care of your new landscape. As added comfort you will see us monitoring your landscape the rest of the year, as well as the following year, checking to see how everything survived the winter. If your landscape requires a replacement, it will be planted in mid-June. Not only do we guarantee our plants, but we also guarantee our commitment to making our customers completely satisfied with their new landscape.