I am a little late for Valentine’s day writing this blog, but I felt it was a good time to detail out the many fantastic heart-shaped garden plants that exist to liven up your garden.  Since we are smack dab in the growing season it isn’t too late to get on board with some fantastic new plants.  Read on to see what will turn your flowerless moments (and all gardens have that) into what great landscape design rests on:  great leaf color and texture!

The 5 best Heart Shapes in the Plant World

Eastern Redbud.  What a great tree!  The Redbud has amazing amber-colored new growth.  This only comes after an amazing floral display of pink buds.  Move over Crabppales!


Epimedium Rubrum.  I try to use this as much as I can, but it seems like others know about it since it is always sold out.  Epimedium not only looks great but it is an amazing performer in dry shade.  It is a rare plant that holds these attributes.


Canadian Ginger.  A lover of moist shade the Canadian Ginger is.  Try to establish it in areas that need a mass planting.  You will cherish this garden plot if successful!


Ligularia desdemona.  Who could pass up a perennial that blooms like a Black-eyed Susan in the shade?  Just don’t give it too much sun or it will droop.


Brunnera Jack Frost.  This plant has an amazing cooling effect.  All silver and white plants have this ability, but Jack Frost shines with its amazing leaf.  The purple flowers add a solid punch to its surroundings in the Spring.


In Conclusion

I try to design with the intention of having no flowers.  The flowers are a bonus!  Using plants like the ones above will sustain excellent design all year long!