Cherry, Peony and Smokebush are amongst thrilling new plants for 2024


Cherry, Peony, and Smokebush are classic varieties with unique new characteristics that will surely be thrilling to many gardeners in 2024.  Most plant connoisseurs are searching for new colors, textures, and shapes.  These will not disappoint.  Read on to see what is fun and exciting this year.


Cherry, Peony, and Smokebush are amongst thrilling new plants for 2024..and a couple more!


Black Forest Cake Coral Bells – Dark Leaf with Mid-summer Blossoms in Red


Nick Shaylor Peony – A pink Peony with a nice inner blush.


Carstens Golde Mugo Pine – This might be the plant of the year in my eyes.


Winecraft Gold Smokebush – A small Smokebush is a rarity.  I’ll believe it when I see it!


Jade Parade Cherry – A ground-hugging Cheery that’ll cover up some mulch.

In Conclusion

Plants are going to be very hard to locate this year.  They are already in short supply so I highly recommend getting to your nursery in May and don’t delay.  There are about 15 more plants that could have made this list.  Give Andy a holler to discuss what will make your yard look amazing.