Climate Friendly Zone 5 Trees for Minneapolis

Now that our warming climate is here to stay, landscapes in Minneapolis can safely use many zone five trees.  It is important to remember that zone 5 trees are to be used in the city.  Most delicate plants, such as the ones mentioned below, would not fare so well in colder outer rings suburbs.  See below to find out if something resonates with you!

Warm-Blooded Tree Options

The Sycamore is a huge street or open area tree.  They have amazing bark while providing excellent shade.


Tulip Tree had the flower to back up the name.  This tree has an excellent leaf that provides a lot of interest after the flowers have left.


Seven Son Flower Tree is a mouthful.  The compliments will also be a mouthful!  This gem has peeling bark and the flowers break bud in the fall – which is very unusual!


Redbud has become very popular.  Traditionally they are prevalent down south, but as the weather has warmed they have caught on up in the North.