Question: Do all landscapes look immature immediately after completion compared to the vision that the designer sold you on. The answer is yes. It takes many years for a new landscape to emerge victorious. Typically this is from the lack of bulk in the plants as well a less-than-ideal amount of flowers stemming(no pun intended) from a juvenile root system. This is why it is so important that to get through this ugly duckling stage of what looks like a new landscape of just mulch by adding a bit of whimsy in your yard. This can be through sculpture and furniture, but the one I want to single out is that of the old stand-by the planted container.

Containers are a bit more sophisticated now-a-days in terms of what can be planted in them. Creative minds have really brought about an entirely new array of combinations that can be concocted in a pot. Here is a list of ideas that will not only make your new landscape look smashing, but it will also give you some satisfaction knowing that you were a part of your garden paradise.

Each one of the ideas listed below could be its own book, so get out there and experiment with ideas.

1) Build a water feature out of a half whisky barrel (need a rubber lining).

2) Create a succulent container.

3) Cultivate herbs for cooking.

4) Have the kids make an edible pot from blueberries, strawberries, etc.

5) Grow some ornamental grasses.

6) Add an obelisk and plant a vine.

7) Turn it into a holiday pot at the end of the year.

8) Replicate any of the outstanding planting arrangements seen in magazines.

Any of these ideas will enhance a new landscape or liven up a garden’s mid-summer blahs! Have fun!