Critical Drought-Proof Things to do this Fall 2021

In the year of the 2021 drought, there are certain critical things that need to be done to make sure your plant and landscape pull through.

Remember to water very deeply.  Even if you have an irrigation system, that means the top layer is only being watered.  For your larger plants, please try to deep soak them once a week for 30 minutes going into the first snowfall.

If you don’t want your irrigation system to blow up when the pipes freeze outside remember to have your system blown out in late Oct.  If you want to push the limits on the season make sure to protect the irrigation plumbing outside the house with a blanket.  This can buy you a couple of weeks.  Call NW Irrigation if you need help.  They are the best in the business.

We are almost at the end of the seeding season.  I do see very nice temps so if you have seed on hand go ahead and topdress the areas that have patches.  Watering is important, but don’t soak them all day, or the seeds will waterlog and rot.

Hit up your local hardware store and buy some burlap to protect your evergreen plants.  This burlap wrapped around the trunk of new trees also prevent animal damage.  With the drought in full force, it is wise to protect your evergreens from the biting winter winds.  They are already dry from the lack of soil moisture and without this protection, the winds will only exasperate the situation.

Spring 2022

To wrap it all up:  Be sure to give everything a big drink of water in the Spring.  Take the burlap off the plants in March.  If you forget to take the burlap off it could lead to mold and mildew problems.  Call NW irrigation to get your system up and going by April.  Given the lack of water in our subsoils, this is very critical.  Good luck and have a great winter.  Andy