Deer Deterrents to Try in Your Landscape

Deer deterrents are needed in your landscape here in the land of the White Tail Deer.  Almost every yard in the twin cities has the potential to be affected by deer damage through nibbling.  Try the suggestions below to mitigate any problems associated with hungry deer.

Tried and True Deer Repellents

Stockpile any hair from your next haircut.  Distribute it around the plants throughout the mulch.  Deer respond to this by thinking a human is in proximity.

Ivoy soap mimics the human smell factor.  Distribute small chunks around the yard to create an invisible shield.

Liquid Fence is a great spray that works well.  It’s not awesome because you have to keep applying it after each rain.  If you have irrigation then good luck keeping it on.




Shake away is a granula form of repellent.  It lasts longer than the sprays because the granules need to break down.  It stinks to high heaven so make sure you have gloves on.

Highly frangrant plants like Allium and Nepeta are a great distraction for deer.  The strong odor their leaves emit really keep the deer moving on to the next area of plants.