Delectable Drought Resistant Landscape Treats

2021 is now officially the hottest summer on record in Minnesota.  It was brutal.  As the owner of Beds and Borders Landscape Design, I can attest that the crew members suffered and so did the plants.  Future years may be unpredictable with climate change.  If we can take anything away from this year we should embrace heat and drought-resistant plants.  See below for a list of my favorites that will pair well with anything you currently have in your landscape.


Snack on these!

Allium blooms all year.  It is a true pollinator beacon as well.

Artemesia likes it HOT. Do not over-irrigate or it will rot.

Frosted Fire Sedum is a variegated gem!  Its fleshy skin will hold in water and protect it in the hot sun.

Sempervivum…aka Hens and Chicks is undoubtedly one of the toughest plants in Minnesota.

Lamb’s Ear is so soft.  You wouldn’t think it was tough based on this quality but it will come out the back end of a drought unscathed.

Yucca is at home in the desert so don’t worry about leaving this one out in the rock garden unwatered.

All Juniper are drought resistant.  Daubs frosted is a great choice amongst many others.