Insider secrets to things not needed for your landscape is what I wanted to title this blog.  Landscaping is just like any other service.  It is subject to trends and over-hype.  I wanted to create a list of some items we estimate that you could probably do without or perhaps substitute for something else.  Read to on know ways to save money, time and the environment.

  • Re-think Firepits.  It seems as though everybody is wanting either an in-ground pit or a gas firepit.  Sure they look great and perfect if you are going to use them (keyword if), but don’t overlook portable smokeless pits as they cost less and can be tucked away to transform your firepit patio into an outdoor table area when some company is over.  I just bought a Solo Stove to use on the deck.  It also comes with me on camping trips.  The bonus is that I use way less wood and I am not pounded with nasty smoke.


  • Stone steps coming out of a house to a patio.  I really love natural stone, but too much stone can be overkill.  Try incorporating wood steps into the design. It will act as a softening agent.


  • Try something new over Paver or Bullet Edgings.  Metal makes for excellent curves…We use a ton of brown aluminum (Curv-Rite) and it looks great and won’t heave.  It won’t rust either!


  • Flagstone patios are pretty but watch out!  Flagstone can make huge gaps which need to be filled with sand.  This sand will kick around and make for an uncleanly patio.  Try something like the Rosetta Grand Patio that is made from concrete but is really easy to put in and won’t require sloppy fill in the cracks.  Another bonus with concrete is that it is not picky about the weather.  The flagstone materials are soft and in time they will start to chip and break down.  Avoid if maintenance is a priority.


  • Ditch polymeric sand.  This is all the craze, but I hate it.  It is marketed as gout for a patio.  The problem is that moisture will keep it rubbery and within a couple of years, it will start to break apart.  Some granite chips swept in the patio cracks will stay put and it will look great.  Gator makes several products that can do the trick!