Over the past 16 years I, Andy Freeland, have designed and installed over 5,000 landscapes with my company Beds & Beds Landscape Design, Inc.  After every project, I have taken a walk-around with each client going over the do’s and don’ts that they need to be aware of to keep their landscaping looking its best and functioning at its optimum level.  Every job installed has its own set of requirements to achieve success, but generally speaking, most landscaping projects hold a similar set of parameters that should be abided by to maintain a beautiful looking yard.  Below is a list of questions that typically come up that I had asked of me over the years.  Read on to know what others are asking, so you can too, have the nicest looking landscape with as minimal work as possible.

  • Q:  How do I keep rabbits and deer away from my plants?  

A:  Liquid Fence every other week with Shake Away in the opposite weeks.


  • Q:  When should I dial my irrigation system back?

A:  I usually recommend thinking about doing this at the 6 week mark.


  • Q:  How often do I water my new sod?

A:  See resources sheet on new sod.


  • When do I mow my new sod?
    A:  See resource sheet on new sod


  • Q:  What do I do about weeds?

A:  Weed barrier should stop most weeds.  Pull the weeds that like the edges.


  • Q:  How often should I water my new plants?

A:  See resource sheet on new plants.


  • Q:  When should I fertilize?

A:  In Spring.  Use a slow release fertilizer.


  • Q:  What can I do to protect my plants over the winter?

A:  Burlap makes an excellent barrier from animals, wind and sun.


  • Q:  When should I prune my new plants?

A:  Usually not for several years.  Plants should be spaced so this isn’t needed.


  • Q:  When do I cut back my perennials?

A:  In the fall.  If winter comes quickly then Spring is okay.


  • Q:  When do I re-mulch?

A:  In the Spring after perennials have pushed up through the old mulch.


  • Q:  What about fall clean-up?

A:  Try to get all the leaves out of the beds after perennials have been cut back.


I hope you were able to get some ideas on how to manage your new landscape with these answers to your post landscape questions.