There will be subtle hints of Spring in the air and I plan to blog weekly on the plants and landscapes that catch your eye. We are still a week or two away from the blooms of the Magnolia and Forsythia. In the meantime check out this list below of things that you are probably noticing in and around the yard. Please give us a call if you have any specific concerns or questions that need answering!

  • There is a tremendous amount of evergreen burn this year. Rightfully so with the winter we had. Just let the plants do their thing and most will pull through.
  • Maple buds are swelling and this means maple syrup sap is flowing. I just collected 10 gallons in my back yard on my first try. It is really fun…but avoid overheating your sap (oops).
  • Other buds are swelling too….take a look around.
  • You will notice snow mold on the grass. This is from too much water. A little sun and no more snow is the key to seeing it go!
  • Animal damage is not as bad as some years, but there is still a lot of rabbit sabotage. Some plants will be okay and others you will have to prune or shape. Call us for some help if you are at a loss.