Fiskars 4 Claw Weed Puller is the Best De-Weeder Ever!

Seriously, the Fiskars 4 claw weed puller is absolutely the best tool for eliminating weeds in your yard and flower beds.  This is a manual device that takes a little elbow grease, but it has advantages.  For one, you feel really good at the end of the weeding session knowing that you did this all without paying a lawn maintenance company to do their thing.  Asides from keeping cash in your pocket, you will have eliminated putting excess chemicals on your grass.  If you use Preen for your landscape beds, it will no longer be needed as this gets even the toughest roots out of there as well!


Why is this weed puller so good?

After stepping down on the weed you just tilt the unit back and the weed and roots come up.  You might ask about thistles and dandelions. The simple answer to that is, there is no problem!  The price is very reasonable too.  Click here for a direct link from Amazon.  The build quality is exceptional as well.  I have been using my $50 unit for 4 years and it keeps going without an issue.


Other Anti-Weed options

If you really want to add a layer of protection to your landscape beds after weeding I highly recommend using a double shredded hardwood mulch.  The velcro-like qualities of this mulch will ensure you achieve a very nice layer of weed-suppressing wood product on top of the soil.  Shredded hardwood actually locks together due to the fibrous nature of the mulch after it has been processed.  Using the Fiskars 4 Claw weed puller and a good mulch will ensure you are organic in your approach as well as cost and time effective/efficient.