Fragrant David Austin Roses are a Must in your Minnesota Landscape

As an intern at Linders Landscape Center in Falcon Heights Minnesota, I honestly did smell the fragrant roses (David Austin) each morning. I remember clocking in and on the way to the design studio, I went slightly out of my way to see and smell the large area of roses that Linders always had displayed.  It was always nice to see the full blooms, especially the David Austin varieties.  The colors reminded me of the paint palette Monet used in his work.  The slam dunk was the fragrance.  It kept me coming back and back.  I literally was addicted to smelling the roses each day.  They made me happy.  I continue to do this today in my own yard with roses and other plants I have taken to because of the smell.  Get out and get some plants to sniff each morning with your coffee.  It just might change your life.


Check out these wonderfully colored Fragrant Roses

Not only are these listed roses deliciously smelling, but the colors selected are truly the best in the entire Austin Catalog.

Vanessa Bell is a soft yellow.


Desdemona is almost white with a soft pink blush.


Charles Darwin is a classic golden yellow.


Jude the Obscure is more orange but has pink outer petals.


Abraham Darby is a darker pink with some slight orange hints in the newly emerging petals.


Queen of Sweden in good old pink.