Beds & Borders Landscape Design, Inc. has set in motion an offer to provide the Members of the Minnesota Horticultural Society FREE maintenance through the entire growing season 2011 (up to first frost) in conjunction with the design and installation of a contracted landscape project (Minimum 3,000).  This includes one monthly visit (approx 1 hour) checking on:

  • All newly planted trees, shrubs and perennials.
  • New sod/seeded areas.  Reseeding if necessary.
  • A 2nd application of PREEN in June following the initial installation application.  Hand weeding is NOT included in this program, but we will happily apply a 3rd round of PREEN if it is a bad year for weed seeds.
  • Dead-heading spent flowers on new perennials and roses.
  • Addition of aluminum sulphate for acid loving plants (where needed).
  • Pruning or shaping new plants if training is required.
  • Wrapping Maples, Redbuds and Serviceberry with burlap in fall.
  • Arrangements can be made for reasonably priced fall leaf clean-up/cutting-back of perennials and snow removal after the first frost.

This is a limited Maintenance plan aimed at keeping your new landscape looking its best the first year.  We will use the list above as a checklist making sure your investment is healthy and abundant.