Rabbits are adorable but a major nuisance in winter here in the Twin Cities.

Rabbits are a common sight in many gardens, and while they are adorable, they can be a major nuisance for those who enjoy gardening. During winter, rabbits are known to wreak havoc on landscape evergreens, which can be devastating to homeowners. These furry creatures love to munch on evergreens, which can cause significant damage to the plants. In this article, we will discuss why rabbits love to eat evergreens during winter and what you can do to prevent it.

Evergreens are a popular food source for rabbits during winter because they are one of the few plants that remain green and available for food throughout the winter months. When the ground is covered in snow, rabbits often turn to evergreens as a primary food source. This is especially true in urban areas, where natural food sources are scarce. Unfortunately, this can cause significant damage to the plants, and in severe cases, can lead to death.

How to Protect

The best way to protect your evergreens from rabbit damage is to create barriers around the plants. You can use fencing or wire mesh to create a physical barrier that prevents rabbits from accessing the plants. Alternatively, you can use natural repellents, such as blood meal, garlic, or hot pepper sprays, to create an unpleasant taste that will deter rabbits from eating the plants. These types of repellents can be sprayed onto the plants, and they create an unpleasant taste that will deter rabbits from eating them.

Another effective way to prevent rabbit damage is to plant rabbit-resistant evergreens. Some of the most popular rabbit-resistant evergreens include Juniper, Boxwood, and Spruce. These plants have a bitter taste that rabbits do not enjoy, and they are less likely to be eaten. By planting these types of evergreens, you can ensure that your landscape stays healthy and beautiful throughout the winter months.

In conclusion, rabbits can be a significant problem for homeowners during the winter months, especially when it comes to evergreens. However, by creating physical barriers, using natural repellents, and planting rabbit-resistant evergreens, you can protect your landscape from rabbit damage. With these simple steps, you can ensure that your landscape remains healthy and beautiful all year long.