As we round into Mid-June I’m sure most of you have your gardens planted and are eagerly anticipating some nice sunny days to get the plants up and going. Boy it has been wet and that make for some soggy plants. Some of mine are even turning yellow. That means we need some dry sun!

If you have had your head out the window while driving looking at some of the pretty colors around you will notice right now:

1) Lilacs all fading (Morel Mushrooms done)

2) Allium (Onion) blooming

3) Roadside daisy out in Chan.

4) Peony everywhere soon!

5) Dianthus is showing off.

6) Spidewort is peeking out from its grassy-like leaves.

The coming sun is going to make for a chorus of lawnmowers. Enjoy the quiet clouds today.

Soak in the cool air cause it will be hot in 2 weeks.