One of the biggest gripes that home gardeners have is the extensive amount of water that many plants require to thrive. While gardening can certainly drive up your water bill over time, paying for water could be a thing of the past if you are willing to put up some items that can capture rainwater across your yard. Here’s some of the top methods that many homeowners use to capture rainwater throughout their house and yard for watering flowers:

Putting out a garbage can: Placing a regular garbage bin with a hole cut in the top of the lid below your downspout can be an easy DIY solution for capturing lots of rainwater during a downpour. Attaching a small tap in the bottom of the bucket could allow for easier access to the water or you could simply lift the bucket for pouring out onto your garden. Your entire roof could quickly become a capture device for rain water with this simple solution.

PVC rain barrel: PVC rain barrels can often be found at a hardware store and they usually come with hose connectors that can be used to hook up to your hose or be used for rerouting throughout your gardens.

Simple funnel container: If you have a few buckets around the home place a brick in the bottom of these buckets and create a wide funnel for the top. Make sure that the funnel goes down into a smaller opening that will keep out most mosquitoes while capturing all of the rainwater that is funneled down into the container. This can be a simple solution if you have some watertight buckets or drums around and you don’t want to vote your rain barrel up to your roof.

Keep any one of these options in mind for a simple rain capture solution.