What the heck is going on. I remember in 1993 there was a goofy summer like this. I hated it. I hate it again. I really like the warmth and find it crucial as a human to soak up Vitamin D. Come Sept 21 our bodies are not able to take in one iota of it for 6 months. So stock up….if you can!

Plants like the cool, but now there is going to be a lack of surface water very soon. That means to keep the blooms going it is going to be imperative to turn on the sprinkler.

Coneflowers are in full bloom. Oriental Lily are putting off their magic smell! Smokebush are billowing(-:

All the water we had led to an abundance of interesting insects. Take the kids on a nature hike and look for some. Butterflies are increasing too. They will be everywhere in a couple weeks…should be fun to see!

Select migratory birds start their return to their wintering grounds mid-Aug. Already?