Perhaps it is the extra relaxation before the season shifts from park to all-wheel-drive, the thought of extra moisture ready to infiltrate our parched Earth, or knowing that global warming isn’t going to win this March that make me say “I’m okay with the snow and 30’s.”  Soon enough I will tire of it all, but for now I am going to take a few extra breaths and focus on how I can make Beds & Borders the best it can be business-wise as well as what I can do to make sure that all of our clients are getting the best end-product when the last red truck pulls away.  I’d say that last year was a huge success and I am planning on keeping even keel so our quality remains the highest it can.  I told my crew last week in an employee meeting that they must remember that it is our clients that pay our bills and it is their projects that we take so much pride in building, let’s make sure they know how much we care by paying attention to the smallest things.  They all agreed.  I can’t wait to get out with my team and put together some of the best projects in the industry.  I am seeing some MNLA awards in the future!

See you soon,

Andy Freeland