My Dad was going to have his irrigation system blown out.  I said “WAIT,” what if we have a fall like last year?  So far we are, and if this continues you will be seeing landscaping truck till Christmas again due to the warm dry weather!  My suggestion was to have him wait for another month.  Lots of people freak out because they think the cold will ruin their system.  It will not.  For at least one more month the soil below the top 2 inches will be loose and warm.  Warm enough to keep plant roots alive as well as irrigation tubing running.  What you need to do in order to prevent trouble is get a warm blanket on the main shut-off valve and the associated plumbing (PVB – Pressure Vacuum Breaker) when the temps dip below freezing at night.  This is the only exposed area that needs to be protected during the cold nights of October.  Do this until you have it blown out in early November.  If you have new sod, trees, or plantings it is extremely important to keep them watered up till the first big snowstorm. Keeping your irrigation on as long as possible will definitely help you save some time/money and make your flora flourish in spring!

Andy Freeland