Beds & Borders Landscapes Design was selected to build an outdoor amphitheater for the kids at Cedar Ridge Elementary in Eden Prairie.  The entire team at Beds & Borders had a blast building it and they knew that it was ultimately going to be a huge part of the lives of many of the children going through the school system in town.  The area where the construction took place was very neat.  It was hidden just off the school in a wooded area where frogs, toads, birds, and insects were found.  Upon completion of the project Beds & Borders really felt a sense of community in doing this.  They knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be creating this extraordinary outdoor classroom and doing it in the city that they call home!

There were a lot of fun things that happened while working on this project.  Beds & Borders was able to work with city planners from many departments.  There were also some trees that needed to be cut down so the Eden Prairie Foresters needed to be involved.  There were also many trees that could have caused injury if they were to fall in the wind, so selective pruning was taken into consideration to make sure they were pruned as needed.  Any logs, branches, and tree trunks of the right size were used to make a path system running from the school down the outdoor classroom.  Wood chips were placed in and around the entire area to inhibit muddy feet and to keep vegetation from sprouting up.  Once the mulch was laid the project was a done deal.  Overall the project went very smooth and Beds & Borders is ready for the next challenge with Eden Prairie.

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