Killer Pots for Your Patio to do NOW!

Killer landscape pots don’t have to start in Spring; they can start now!  If you head to the nursery and put a few dollars down on some larger specimens of the following plants they will fill an entire pot and look amazing instantly.  The nice thing about these 4 following plants is that they can be used year after year.  All you have to do is tuck them in the ground in the fall and replant them in the Spring.  Another excellent attribute of these plants is their large root system.  You’ll find you don’t have to water daily.  Even in drought most potted grasses, trees and perennials can do a couple of days easily without water.

Check out these 4 ideas to give your yard the mid-summer oomph it needs!

Hameln Fountain Grass is a real charmer.  The flower heads are so soft and they bring a calming vibe to a patio.

Japanese Maples are stellar in general.  If you throw one in a pot and place one or more around your yard it is guaranteed to make your neighbor’s heads turn.

Yucca is common in the desert SW.  Surprisingly they do very well up here.  The sword-shaped blades add an amazing texture.  Buyer beware, they are as sharp as they look!

Endless Summer Hydrangea is going on about 20 years now.  There are super-cool new varieties of Hydrangea, but I always revert back to this plant because it is one of the few true blue plants we can put in our landscape.  When placed in a pot it just screams “look at me!”

Plants are usually on SALE mid-summer, so get out and try to find something you can toss in a pot.  The plant will want some added soil for nutrients and water-holding properties so don’t forget a bag of fluffy dirt!  Andy