Landscape 101

The following information is to help you better understand the differences in landscape style, stone used in the garden, unique features you can add, and final touches to pull your landscape together.

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Types of Landscaping

Shade Garden

The use of shade-tolerant plants with interesting leaf colors and blooms.

Formal Garden

Perfectly manicured for the tidy gardener.

Cottage style

Very colorful and informal, this type of garden has year-round color.

Prairie/ornamental grasses

Walking through your own meadow is a reality.


Strictly Minnesota!

Rock Garden

Berms decorated with rock and alpine/drought-tolerant plants.

Japanese Garden

Mixing Japanese or Asian-looking plants with rock and water.

English Garden

Traditional beds and borders with elegant old-fashioned plants.

Spring bulbs

Add another month of color into your garden.

Rain gardens

Help Mother Nature by channeling run-off into a collection area.

Butterfly gardens

Attract butterlies by using specific plantings.

Stone Used in the Garden

Brick patios

There are many patterns to choose from including basket weave or herringbone.

Brick edging

Traditional 4” x 8” clay bricks create an outstanding edging.

Natural stone edging

This stone creates bold edging lines.

Natural stone walls

Nothing looks better than a natural stone wall.

Natural stone patios

Bluestone, Fond du Lac and Desert Bronze are ideal choices.

Limestone rock outcropping

Naturally occurring in Minnesota, this stone is elegant.

Superior trap outcropping

If you like the “up north” look, this is it!

Stamped concrete walkways

Texture like natural stone but more cost effective.

Retaining walls

The man-made alternative to natural stone.


Cheaper than brick with all the looks!

Boulder Wall

Granite boulders are abundant in Minnesota and make great walls!

Unique Touches

Outdoor kitchens

Create an outdoor room for that weekend get-together.

Fire pits and brick ovens

Relax around a fire after a long day!

Garden paths

An essential part of any landscape.


Structure in the garden can make the difference.

Streams and dry creek beds

A natural way to add movement to your yard.


These are so realistic…forget the cabin!

Pulling It All Together


Save yourself the hassle of watering every day


Extend the beauty of your landscape into the night.

Fences and decks

Sometimes they are necessary components of the new landscape.

Decorative pots and planters

It’s the little things that count.