Bushes on a Stick are In!

Landscape trees on a stick are perfect for making an impact in the landscape.  Horticulturists recognize these bush/sticks as a tree on a standard.  In layman’s terms, these are basically bushes glued to the top of a tree stem through a graft.

The reason they are so impactful is that the bush grafted on top of each stick is usually a very popular flower bush.  They usually bloom very long.  They are usually very colorful.  Most importantly they are very easy to grow.  Additionally, they also don’t grow out of bounds so homeowners don’t have to worry that they will get too big.

Look below for the four that Beds & Borders Landscape Design plants the most.

Types You will Find in the Landscape






All four of the above-mentioned are locally available and rather inexpensive.  Give one a try!