Landscape Material Shortages and Potential Project Pivots

Landscape Material Shortages and Potential Project Pivots is the name of the game this coming year if you are thinking about landscaping.  2021 gobbled up a large portion of the available materials out there that make up the landscape projects.  These materials fall into the brick and plant realms.  Let’s take a closer look at some of the materials that Beds & Borders saw last year as problem areas.

Bricks and Hardscape Materials

Pavers were very hard to come by and many companies had to reduce or eliminate certain lines.  Focus had to be placed on customer favorites.  Beefing up on certain styles meant increased availability but, on the other hand, it meant a decrease in options.


Stamped Concrete could be a nice alternative if pavers were unavailable.  Gravel patios are also a very valid option.  If you want to save a boatload of cash a crushed gravel patio would do the trick.

Plants and Trees

Not only were landscapers needing plants but it seemed every homeowner was out and about doing their own thing in the yard this year.  This put a tremendous strain on the nursery industry.  The stress placed within the tree and planting facilities is so bad that right now we don’t know the inventories or prices heading our way.

Most plants will be small in the coming years.  I might suggest going bare-root with a plant as a homeowner.  If you are relying on a landscaper just know that you will be getting smaller potted plants and they are going to be costing about 10% more.

In Sum…..

Be prepared to take what you can get in the next several years because of the landscape material shortages.  Try to stay local with materials as this might help.  And practice cut and dividing your plants with friends and neighbors as sharing plants is a great way to stay cost-effective and social in the neighborhood!