Landscape Pest/Animal Damage in the Minnesota Landscape

As a landscape designer, I am always asked about pest/animal damage to plants and the grass.  Luckily in Minnesota, we have the luxury of a limited list of offenders given it is so cold here.  Check out the list below as to what you can to better guard against some of the most common culprits.

Pest and The Remedies..

Dog pee is a disaster in some yards.  It makes massive burns.  Especially over winter.  An easy fix is to irrigate the heck out of the yard.  This will dilute the pee and eliminate the dead spots.


Deer damage is the biggest headache we face in Minnesota.  Try using ivory soap, human hair, liquid fence, and shake-away granules to keep deer out of your yard.


Japanese beetles are no match to insecticidal soaps.  Apply daily while the beetles are active and you will see a dramatic reduction in their numbers.  It’s important to do this daily for effectiveness.  Neem oil also works really well.


Rabbits will vacate your yard when a dog is introduced.  Guaranteed!