Natural Stone vs Paver Patio Options

Natural Stone:

Taking off from the previous blog posting it should be clear that the labor and cost associated with natural stone are on the higher side of material costs.  The standard patio choices that we usually use are Chilton, Bluestone, Dolomite Limestone, Fond du Lac, Chilton and Buckskin.  Visit Buechel Stone’s website here to see these stone choices.  Natural stone patios are either irregular or installed with cut pieces that add a geometric element to the design.  The choice is purely aesthetic and both cost about the same.


New Bluestone Patio and Glacial Boulder Firepit







Concrete Pavers:

The concrete paver world can be overwhelming as there are many options to sort through.  You can visit our Suppliers drop-down menu above to see the majority of what is available in our state.  The best thing about pavers is their durability; resisting the negative effects that a Minnesota winter can have on a product.  Additionally, they are also very attractive and easy to shovel when the snow piles on.   As with wall block, the labor is always faster with concrete pavers and this accounts for a lower price in most cases.

The one downside when selecting pavers over natural stone is that the colors are somewhat muted.  There are some sealers and treatments to counteract this.  We will review options in an upcoming blog.  Below is a fantastic large format paver that has been gaining popularity in the backyard landscape.  This geometric style is the rule with most pavers nowadays.  There have been some attempts to replicate the look of an irregular shaped natural stone.  It is a far cry from real natural stone.


Belgard Rinn Laziano Sahara Beige









There are certain situations where it would be better to use one over the other.  Perhaps if you need to cover a large expanse the paver choice would suit the project best for price and functionality.  On the other hand, if you are looking to create a very naturalistic area in the woods natural stone should be your choice.

In any event, there are many directions one could take in finding their dream patio.  Do some research or call your local Landscaper (such as Beds & Borders) and we will surely point you in the right direction with photos, samples, and addresses to see actual walls that match your taste.