Natural Stone vs Concrete Wall Options

Natural Stone:

There are many choices of natural stone.  Most of these can be seen here.  Natural stone typically costs more than concrete block.  Labor is also usually higher within the price of natural stone in any given project.  The standard choices that we usually use are Chilton, Bluestone, Dolomite Limestone, Fond du Lac, Chilton and Buff colored stones usually labeled as Sandy Creek or Buckskin.  We use natural stone to create a softer look in the landscape and it appeals to those who favor materials that have a naturalist feel in their environment.


Natural Fond du Lac Wallstone







Concrete Wallstone:

Concrete Wallstone is very diverse.  There are many types and many companies producing material for the budget-minded all the way up to high end.  Belgard produces a full range of materials that will suit any budget.  Click here to see their catalog.  On the other hand, Unilock does a very nice job with more expensive stones that can compete with the natural stones mentioned above.  Concrete can do a nice job in the landscape but with it usually comes a more hard line in their appearance and can seem rather manufactured when comparing it to natural stone.  Labor is always easier with concrete and this accounts for a lower price in most cases.  Below is a fantastic natural stone replacement that has caught the eye of many trying to get a natural stone look in a concrete wall block.


Kodah by Rosetta Hardscapes









There are certain situations where it would be better to use one over the other.  Perhaps if the wall needs to be extremely stable, then a concrete block might be the best option.  In other scenarios, the homeowner may be trying to match up an existing natural element in the house, or alternatively, they might be looking to pair the stone up with something they fell in love with on vacation.  If this is the case then a thorough investigation of all the natural stone product would be the first plan of attack.

In any event, there are many directions one could take in finding their ideal hardscape wall.  Do some research or call your local Landscaper (such as Beds & Borders) and we will surely point you in the right direction with photos, samples, and addresses to see actual walls that match your taste.