Pricing Out Materials – Concrete Patio Choices


I am going to focus on concrete patio choices for your landscape in this segment.  Natural stone patio material is spendy and the options are limited so I would prefer to guide you to some fine choices in the concrete world.  My hopes are to provide you with some elegance at various price points.

1 – High End:

Rinn:  Rinn is top notch.  Asides from being really easy to lay it is just gorgeous.  Look at both the Padio and Laziano for both patio and driveway options.

Unilock:  Although my favorites are Copthorne and Courtstone, don’t stop there.  Just about every product put out by this company will blow you away.  If you have a chance to see all their material side by side with other vendors you will get what I am talking about.  Head to Cedar Acres Bachmans in Farmington if you care to take me up on this!

2 – Mid-Range:

Belgard:  Mega-Lafitt and Mega-Dublin are solid mid-range choices that I would consider over that of the big boys.  They are a clean looking and color saturated paver.  I have had clients prefer it over bluestone.  That says a lot!

Willowcreek:  This company makes a product called slatestone.  Thier mission was to make something with a bluestone texture.  Many companies fail to replicate, but Willowcreek did a solid job here.  Do not let this one slip by in your quest for the best paver.

3 – Budget Choices:

Belgard:  This company makes some very nice entry level pavers on top of their mid and upper range choices.  I’d say from top to bottom Belgard has the price and looks to compete with anybody.  If simplicity is all you want, then grab their catalog and point.  Kingston and Charleston are two to look at to name a couple.

Willowcreek:  We have already looked at their Slatestone, now take a peek at Brickstone.  This brick is fashioned after the classic Holland paver found in every companies lineup.  To state it simply:  Their Brickstone looks like every other, but the price can’t be beaten!  Minnesotans love the Lakeshore Blend color!

In Conclusion:

With so many options available these days I would head to Gertens, Patio Town or Bachmans to see what is available.  Make note of what sticks out at you.  I’d go so far as to call the company and ask if you could see some specific examples around town of the materials you like.  Seeing a full patio in action will really give you a sense of if it is meant for your yard.  Good Luck.