Throw in the Towel and go Gravel.


Throw in the towel and go gravel.  What does this mean?  Well, sometimes when all options have been exhausted and a client can’t settle on a single patio choice because of price or aesthetics we sometimes point them in the direction of a gravel patio.  Gravel is huge in warmer climates, and it has been catching on some here in Minnesota.  Why not, many people are saying?  I agree.  It is a really nice look at a fraction of the price.  Read on to hear about gravel patio options.


Pea gravel:  This local material is found in playgrounds throughout the state.  The colors are very pleasing to the eye, but It does kick around and look wavy if not raked.  Ultimately, the price point might make the decision for you as pea gravel is quite inexpensive.


Dresser trap rock:  If a blue color is needed for the patio material, and bluestone it too expensive, then this might be an excellent option.  Dresser Trap rock sits very well, looks great, and costs a fraction of bluestone’s price.

Granite chips:  Sourced just north of the twin cities, Granite chips act and cost the same as Dresser trap rock.  The one distinguishing characteristic of Granite chips is they have about 50% pink in them.  For the most part, this does not hamper us from using it as the darker colors seem to dominate.

White Limestone:  Similarly to the above-mentioned materials, white limestone is very clean and contemporary.  I do think that it can dirty more than the others, but generally speaking its turns an off-white and fits in just fine in most applications.  This material makes a great fit with Fond du Lac walls and edging.

Buff Limestone:  I like to think of any buff material as a great equalizer.  Earth colors in the landscape have an uncanny ability to tie together plants, mulch, and hardscape material.  The use of buff limestone really has a nice fit with a prairie theme in the yard.  It also weds nicely with stucco.  In the end, the price is quite affordable so this might be a great fit for you.

In Conclusion:

I’d put price aside and focus on color with this choice.  Not only are you saving money but know that this is an environmental selection (drainage and sourcing).  Even the border material used to frame the patio area is made out of aluminum; a material that can be recycled.  Good luck and contact Beds & Borders with Questions.