Let Hydrangea be the Star of your Garden Show.

If a Hydrangea scheme prevails in a landscape it will certainly be the star of the show come mid-summer.  Since there is a multitude of Hydrangeas I thought I would details out my favorites.  The choices below have a full range of colors and sizes to compliment all the other plants in your landscape.

Hydrangea at their Best

Summer Crush is surely an eye-opening choice.  It’s bright red flower is an added addition to the garden in a time of the year when not much else is blooming.


Little Lime starts white and then fades to lime.  The small gem has a very long bloom time in a size anyone can handle.


Little Quickfire is one of the best pink paniculata varieties.  It will not get as big as the original quickfire which was an awesome job by its creator.


Bobo is used primarily in very tight quarters.  The best part of this Hydrangea is its ability to bloom in the shade.


Twist n Shout is vocal.  I love how it just pops on a cool, cloudy day.  It’s calming color range is worth a shot in any garden.


Incrediball replaced the standby, Annabelle.  This holds its weight in the fact that the flower heads do not fall over like that of its predecessor!