East North Central Region: Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan

This butterfly garden resource provides a complete list of butterflies found in the East North Central region of the United States, along with their preferred nectar flowers and the host plants they look for to lay eggs that the butterfly caterpillars can feed on. For advice on starting a butterfly garden, see our guide, How to Make a Butterfly Garden.

In the East North Central region, temperatures tend to be cooler, with yearly averages between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Around the Great Lakes, temperatures are more moderate. Growing seasons in this region may be relatively short because of the cold winters. Native plants are more adaptable and tolerant of the cold temperature in this region. Visit your local nursery and ask which plants will work best for your garden. Here are a few tips for butterfly gardening:

Below is a list of nectar and host plants that will grow well in the East North Central region. Most butterflies eat nectar from flowers, though some eat sap, dung, and other things. This list features some of the most popular plants frequented by butterflies.  Click Here:  http://www.wayfair.com/post/List-of-Butterfly-Garden-Flowers-and-Plants-for-the-East-North-Central-Region-E1113