What a year so far.  We all know about the weather.  Conversations start with “it’s too wet” or “what about this heat.”  Enough said of the subject.  Let me turn to landscaping as an industry.  Last year was horrible.  This year is phenomenal.  What gives?  Is it a rise in the economy…perhaps.  Is it more people staying home and using some of their savings on their yards….perhaps?  OR is it an excellent landscape company giving out very good prices on projects that exceed the quality and pricing of the old.  YES.  I am the designer, estimator and owner of Beds & Borders and this is the model I chose to create  and execute this year.  Is has worked and it explains why we are booking out weeks not days!  Please keep this in mind when I give you an estimate.  You are getting a solid price and the best crew around.  I can back it with dozens of references and hundreds of addresses to drive by!

Andy Freeland