My Grandpa decided to enter heaven during one of the busiest parts of the landscaping season.  Last year it was Grandma, so I had some practice on how to organize the events that were to take place while I was gone.  Luckily that preparation along with a slow spring weather-wise allowed for a tranquil end to last week and I was happy about that.  While in Texas attending Grandpa’s funeral Dallas was in the mid-80’s and the sun was so intense that a true Minnesotan would marvel at how laser-like it was, especially after such a brutal fall, winter and spring.  The last couple days back at home have been very pleasant and the weather guys are saying some warm air is lurking ready to make its way up here.  If that is the case then hold on because spring is going to uncoil rapidly.  I see buds on all plants waiting for that final “go-ahead.”  Many flowers are wanting to pop.  The soil moisture has warmed and Morels are right around the corner.  Warlbers are dripping from the trees.  Soon storms will be producing usuable nitrogen for all chlorophyll producing plants that will turn the switch on from brown to green.  Long range forecasts are showing summer-like temps all next week and beyond.  Get the garden hose out for the perennials and unroll that slip and slide!