Emerald Ash Borer is taking its toll on our local shade trees.  Few think that the minus 31 we saw this winter did much in terms of killing this menace.  It is time to start asking yourself what you would like to have in that one spot if I happen to lose my only shade tree.  Check out the list below.  It will give insight into three options that are not the so run-of-the-mill generic options that foresters and landscapers throw out.

Tulip Tree – Word on the street is that this Zone 5 beauty has decided that climate change in Minnesota is just fine.



Turkish Filbert – Man….I just love the leaves of species in the Corylus genus.  This one is no different.  A must-Google!


Sycamore –  These are more common in California than the midwest, but with the warming nighttime lows here in Mn it is allowing us to start utilizing some of our western species.  The bark on this shimmers in Beverly Hills.  Now you can have that right here in the Minne-apple.