I just had lunch with one of my favorite wholesale reps in the metro and we talked about what to look for this year.  Here is a list for you to keep your eye out for:

1)  Firelight Spirea

2) Great Star Hydrangea

3) Dakota Pinnacle Birch

4) Sugartina Summersweet

5) Ruby Tears Crabapple


My favorite’s for last year include:

1) Iroquois Beauty Chokeberry

2) Quickfire Hydrangea

3) Crimson Pointe Plum

4) Korean Sun Pear

5)  Totally Tangerine Rock Rose

6) Summer Beauty Ornamental Onion

7) Evergold Sedge

8) Potentilla Mango Tango

9) Peony ItohYumi

10) Slim Jim Dwarf Scotch Pine

11) Orange Rocket Barberry


I’d really like to try this year:

1) Douglas Emerald Twister

2) Weeping Serpentine Larch

3) Fuzzball Russian Cypress – to see if it withstands winterburn

4)  Standing Ovation Serviceberry

5) Purple Robe Robina

6) Color Flash Astilbe

7) Bunny Blue Sedge


Back to the Basics – coming back around:

1) Bridalswreath Spirea

2) Sunburst Honeylocust

3) Juniper Specimens

4) Alpine Currant

5) Burning Bush

6) Lilac

7) Hosta – hundred of gems over the last couple years!


Andy Freeland