I think this weather stinks.  Allergies, biting bugs, and most important – Weed Seeds!  I am just kidding about the weather, but the byproducts of the warm weather really do cause me much strife.  Putting aside sneezing and itching we are left with a boutiful distrubution of weed seeds happening right now.  About 2 months ahead of last year.  If you have a new landscape or have recently tilled up fresh soil this would be a great time to put down Preen.  A prememergent wonder that reduces the number of weeds in your garden by stopping the newly fallen seeds from germinating.  This does not kill weeds, but stops them before they start.  Being much safer than Round-up;  my bet is to get going on this and spend your Saturday relaxing and not weeding!

Andy Freeland – Owner/Designer of Beds & Borders Landscape Design.