Pricing Out Materials – Concrete Wall Choices


I am going to focus on concrete wall choices for your landscape wall in this segment.  Natural stone is spendy and the options are limited so I would prefer to guide you to some fine choices in the concrete world.  My hopes are to provide you with some elegance at various price points.

1 – High End:

Rosetta:  This family of wall block is spectacular in its unrivaled replica of quarried limestone.  Retaining walls made with Rosetta are undoubtedly the most natural looking of any product available.  Nothing comes close.

Rosetta Outcroppings

Brisa:  Belgard manufacturers this right here in Minnesota.  I strive to find outfits that are local.  These guys do not disappoint.  When looking at Brisa in the landscape it is clear that Belgard is going for a natural stone face.  They do a super job.  It is not exactly natural, but it is a very close second.

2 – Mid-Range:

Ledgestone:  Made by Willowcreek, Ledgestone is a perfect choice for a soft-edged wall block.  This particular block has been tumbled to give it an antiquated look.  Although Ledgestone screams concrete, the weathered edge gives it a warm feeling.

Fresco:  Fresco is just like Willowcreek Ledgsetone.   It is made at the same plant, in Jordan Minnesota, as Brisa.  Asides from having a few more color selections than the Ledgestone, it is basically the same thing.  Unlike the above mentioned, this stone’s price tag is somewhat higher.

Anchor Fresco

3 – Budget Choices:

Versa-Lok Standard Block:  This is a classic in the industry.  If you want a simple, yet strong block, go no further than Patio Town and get set up with Versa-Lok.  It is nothing special, but it does the job.  Support another Minnesota product by using this product made in Kimball.

Versa-lok Standard Block

Anchor Diamond:  This block is in the same family as the Standard Block mentioned above.   It is basically the same look.  The building specifications are slightly different, but at the end of the day, the labor will be the same.  Alternatively, I would give Versa-lok a slight edge in strength.

In conclusion:

With so many options available these days I would head to Gertens, Patio Town or Bachmans to see what is available.  Make note of what sticks out at you.  I’d go so far as to call the company and ask if you could see some specific examples around town of the materials you like.  Seeing a full wall in action will really give you a sense of if it is meant for your yard.  Good Luck.