Post Installation Tips

Q: How do I keep rabbits and deer away from my plants?
A: Liquid Fence every other week with Shake Away in the opposite weeks.

Q: When should I dial my irrigation system back?
A: I usually recommend thinking about doing this at the 6 week mark.

Q: How often do I water my new sod?
A: See resources sheet on new sod.

Q: When do I mow my new sod?
A: See resource sheet on new sod

Q: What do I do about weeds?
A: Weed barrier should stop most weeds. Pull the weeds that like the edges.

Q: How often should I water my new plants?
A: See resource sheet on new plants.

Q: When should I fertilize?
A: In Spring. Use a slow release fertilizer.

Q: What can I do to protect my plants over the winter?
A: Burlap makes an excellent barrier from animals, wind and sun.

Q: When should I prune my new plants?
A: Usually not for several years. Plants should be spaced so this isnโ€™t needed.

Q: When do I cut back my perennials?
A: In the fall. If winter comes quickly then Spring is okay.

Q: When do I re-mulch?
A: In the Spring after perennials have pushed up through the old mulch.

Q: What about fall clean-up?
A: Try to get all the leaves out of the beds after perennials have been cut back.

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