Proper Watering Techniques for your New Plants, Shrubs, and Trees

  • Hand water shrubs and perennials 2x daily for the first two weeks.
  • Hand water shrubs and perennials 1x daily for the following two weeks.
  • Hand water shrubs and perennials every other day until established.
  • Trees are to be watered every day for 2 weeks, then every other day for 2 weeks and then 2 deep (30-minute slow trickle) waterings per week until established.
  • Water all plants 2-3x per week for one month even with an irrigation system.
  • Water one last time before a heavy freeze going into winter.
  • Back off on watering during rainy weather.
  • Supplement the watering schedule during times of drought or high heat.
  • A simple soil test can be performed with your index finger. By moving the mulch back and poking your finger in 3 inches this can give a decent account of dry or wet. This does not work for larger shrubs and trees.

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