Season to Season Landscape Chore Guide


  • Rake leaves from landscape beds if you didn’t do this in the Fall.
  • Apply fresh mulch in all planting beds once the frost is out of the ground.
  • Prune shrubs to size.
  • Cut evergreen candles if you are trying to minimize new growth.
  • Fertilize perennials, trees, and shrubs.
  • Cut and divide perennials.
  • Start applying deer and rabbit repellent.
  • Plant annuals and bulbs (such as Dahlias).
  • Turn on irrigation system.
  • Monitor soil moisture – especially with new planting beds.
  • Prune Spring flowering plants once they have bloomed.
  • Rake debris from under evergreens.
  • For air circulation, pull excess dead material and leaves from inside plants.
  • Pull mulch away from plants as mulch touching the plants can cause rot problems.
  • Weed.


  • Deadhead old flowers to promote new flower growth.
  • Water heavily if needed.
  • Prune rangy plants.
  • More weeding.
  • Stake any lanky plants, including trees.
  • Contour evergreens that require shaping.
  • Cut back Spring bulbs.


  • Wrap evergreen plants with burlap for the winter.
  • Water all new plants in very well before the ground freezes.
  • Thin certain shrubs via pruning.
  • Cut back almost all perennials.
  • Some plants like grasses, allium and rudbeckia look great popping up through snow.
  • Protect rabbit-loving plants with chicken wire.
  • Wrap bark of new trees with tree wrap.
  • Planting and dividing perennials is perfect this time of year.

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