Santa’s Secret Garden Seeds Christmas Gifts

Garden seeds for a Christmas gift, why not?  This seems like a time of the year when Spring is far off, and to most, gardening is the furthest from one’s mind.  This is probably true but read on to find out why seed gifting might be a great idea.  Obviously giving a gift that means something or has a purpose is key, but to hold the recipient’s attention is a requirement needed to endure the long five months of downtime before it can be used. It is here where the unique possibilities of garden seeds come to light.  If you think hard and give the right seeds to the right person it really could be a life-changing gift.

Pairing garden seeds to the person

Your secret garden seeds gifts need to match the person’s interest.  Perhaps your Mom is a green thumb already and needs something unique.  Your sister-in-law might be into natural healing and there is no better place to start than presenting to her some seed that will hold medicinal value.  There are many ideas!  People love fruit.  Get them some Alpine strawberry seeds.  What about the Chef in the family?  Get them an arrangement of vegetable and herb seeds for their culinary masterpieces.  The opportunities are endless for the kitchen.  Any way you look at this versatile gift it is a chance to show your creativity and connection to your friend or family member.  The bonus in this all is that seeds are very inexpensive and can have long-lasting value in terms of shelf life as well as life lessons.


A sampling of my garden seeds choices for a relative.

Check out the list below.  I have a family member that loves pretty flowers.  She also is into medicinal/edible plants.  I picked out a sampling of fun and easy-to-grow garden seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Elecampane is a lovely plant that will make a splash in any garden.  Not only is it pretty, but herbalists swear by the medicinal qualities that this plant holds.

Nasturtium is chock-full of nutrients.  This easy-to-grow seed’s leafy greens will provide lots of micro-nutrients when added to a salad.



Calendula is a wonderful plant that contains many important natural healing remedies.  I love it for healing my sensitive skin.  From sunburn to bug bites it does the trick.



Moringa is a tropical plant that will grow in a northern climate as an annual.  The plant is a superfood and can be a unique addition to anyone’s healthy lifestyle.



St. John’s Wort is a mood enhancer.  It is surely worth a shot when you are feeling down.  Check out the internet for ways to make tea or tincture with the leaves and/or flowers.  Additionally, the plant is beautiful, drought-resistant, and a pollinator plant to boot.


garden seeds


Give seeds a try.  The gift may just keep giving in more ways than one.  Andy