So you have a new landscape installed by Beds & Borders and you are now interested in knowing how to take care of your yard through the next season, please read below so you will know how to tackle all the chores needed to keep your landscape looking stunning season to season.


  • Rake leaves from landscape beds if you didn’t do this in the Fall.
  • Apply fresh mulch in all planting beds once the frost is out of the ground.
  • Prune shrubs to size.
  • Cut evergreen candles if you are trying to minimize new growth.
  • Fertilize perennials, trees, and shrubs.
  • Cut and divide perennials.
  • Start applying deer and rabbit repellent.
  • Plant annuals and bulbs (such as Dahlias).
  • Turn on irrigation system.
  • Monitor soil moisture – especially with new planting beds.
  • Prune Spring flowering plants once they have bloomed.
  • Rake debris from under evergreens.
  • For air circulation, pull excess dead material and leaves from inside plants.
  • Pull mulch away from plants as mulch touching the plants can cause rot problems.
  • Weed.



  • Deadhead old flowers to promote new flower growth.
  • Water heavily if needed.
  • Prune rangy plants.
  • More weeding.
  • Stake any lanky plants, including trees.
  • Contour evergreens that require shaping.
  • Cut back Spring bulbs.


  • Wrap evergreen plants with burlap for the winter.
  • Water all new plants in very well before the ground freezes.
  • Thin certain shrubs via pruning.
  • Cut back almost all perennials.
  • Some plants like grasses, allium and rudbeckia look great popping up through snow.
  • Protect rabbit-loving plants with chicken wire.
  • Wrap bark of new trees with tree wrap.
  • Planting and dividing perennials is perfect this time of year.

I have had many clients turn into their own maintenance team by following the above-mentioned tasks.  Many people really fall in love with being a part of their new landscape.  Give it a try!