Services Overview

  • Consultation Our initial meeting to analyze the site and determine your goals, taste and preferences for the project. Soil tests are conducted, site measurements are recorded, and all existing features on the property are recognized.
  • DesignTaking all the information that is collected from the consultation Beds & Borders will provide a plan of the project and an estimate. The plan will be presented in one of three ways depending on project specifics and complexity.  Please see the “Process” section under the same tab you just clicked on.
  • InstallationProjects are always completed efficiently and in a timely manner. Larger projects will take some time to complete, but our goal is minimal disruption and a clean work-site during the construction phase. You can be assured that every worker we employ is courteous, reliable and highly skilled.
  • MaintenanceWhile every project is different, most require some maintenance in order to keep the plants looking their best. We will help you design a do-it-yourself plan, or you can use our own maintenance services. Just ask for an estimate.