I am a big fan of Paul Douglas and the blog he posts daily.  I have been relying on him since I was a kid to get the right info.  He indeed prides himself on public education and I think that is fantastic.  My goal is to do this with Landscaping.  I want you all to know what is good to plant, where to get it, and how to put it in.  As I grow as a professional I will find the correct ways to get this info out.  For now I will start it as a weekly blog describing what is going on in the “natural” man-made world around the cities.

I will leave it at this for now since the only area of interest currently is when the floods will potentially hit.  I will leave this one for Paul.  Check out his site if you want to blow of couple hours on map crunching and chart analysis.

Hopefully soon I will be reporting  of the first Crocus of the year!